Events Feedback

Queens 90th Birthday Celebration

Hi All,

I just wanted to thank all of those involved yesterday for all there efforts in making the day a great success.  The guests started to arrive from 11:30 onwards and the mayor arrived at 12:30 of which she went round each individual table talking to all  the SMILE members and even helping with serving tea on one table.  After visiting each table the Mayor joined the SMILE committee table to enjoy the lovely food provided, which was sandwiches followed by cupcakes, scones, shortbread, tea and coffee.  Brigitte who is one Windsor Historians delivered a very knowledgeable presentation of the Guildhall and the painting within the building, she started her presentation talking about the mayors chain which I believe you can see in one the photo’s attached.  There was further refreshment and cake after the presentation followed by a quiz on the Queen and The Royal Family.

Please see photos below for those that where unable to come along to the event yesterday.

Sarah Hill - Lifestyle Coordinator and Clinical Exercise Specialist