About Us

SMILE's main focus is to provide light aerobic exercise within a highly sociable environment to the older community. 

Sessions are delivered at many local community centres and halls so there may be one on your door step.  At an amazing price of £2 a session you can improve your quality of life through gentle exercise and making new friends.  We particularly welcome those people who have recently loss their life partners or those who are recovering from strokes or heart attacks and want to get their life back on track.

You are never too old to join and we can cater for many people whether they be fit and able or have reduced mobility as many of the exercises can be completed in a chair. You can do as much or as little as you wish.

You may feel more confident if you come with a friend and do not worry that you may be too old.  We have a large age range from 50 to 90+.

As well as exercise you can chat and laugh over a coffee and a biscuit whilst deciding if there is a trip or event you would like to attend.

Sessions vary in both duration and content so it is important to find the session that suits your needs. We are able to offer standing and seated aerobics within the same session and with the use of latex bands we offer an excellent way to improve muscle wastage experienced in older age.