Committee Members

Kevin Johnson M.A. M.Sc. B.Sc
Gina Macgregor MBE
Ann Brown
Sarah Hill

Gina Macgregor - Honorary President
Kevin Johnson - Chairman
Sarah Hill - Vice Chairman
Ann Brown - Treasurer
Roger Brown - Membership Secretary
Marianne West - Secretary

Club Representatives
Ann Giles
Norma Myers
Rita Plumridge
Trish Wheeler
Tim Presant
Pat Hunt


Kevin Johnson - Trustee /Chairman

It has always been my vision to ensure everyone has an opportunity to participate within physical activity at a level personable to them. I co-founded SMILE back in 2003 with the help and support from the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead where we launched our first session in partnership with Age UK. For me, being active provides you with so many benefits such as having a catch up with friends, de-stressing from my day in the office with the bonus that I may also burn off a few calories.

Ann Brown 1

Ann Brown - Trustee/Secretary

I came to Maidenhead in 1980 and worked for the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead in various rolls. I have been Secretary to the SMILE Committee since 2007. I like SMILE because of the variety of things that we do to help people stay healthy and make friends.


Gina Macgregor MBE - Trustee/Honorary President

I have been working with 50 plus since 1987. We called it half century and offered bowls, racket ball, short tennis, badminton, archery, table tennis, and keep fit. We then introduced transporter and took the half century to every village around the Royal borough of Windsor and Maidenhead to get 50 plus active. We left every village with a short mat bowls club and a bowls league where all teams could play each other in competition. 2015 is their 25th year!! Then in 2003 SMILE was introduced to help 60 plus to get active in all sorts of activities for people in all villages. Many people on their own have enjoyed meeting new people and outings to the coast, London and many different places in the surrounding area. I am a committed member and have thoroughly enjoyed being part of this for 28 yrs.

Sarah Hill 1

Sarah HIll - Trustee/Vice Chairman

In October 2001 I started working for the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead as a Fitness Consultant and in July 2004 I became the SMILE Coordinator working alongside Kevin Johnson working on building up the profile of S.M.I.L.E.
Through setting up more exercise classes trying to reach all pockets of the Royal Borough of Windsor Maidenhead and making it more accessible and affordable for the 60 plus SMILE has grown from strength to strength with a total of 40 exercise classes now set up within community/village halls and Leisure Centres.
I enjoy SMILE just not only for the health benefits that it provides, but the sociable side meeting new friends or existing and the events and trips we provide throughout the year. I was delighted when I was approached this year, 2016, to become an active member of the SMILE committee as I believe this is a great organisation with so many benefits.


Roger Brown - Membership Secretary


Ann Giles

I joined SMILE 10 years ago and I have been a Club Representative for the last 5 years. I thoroughly enjoy it, it’s very sociable, I have made good friends and it is really fun. They offer very interesting days out during the year as well. It is also very good for keeping fit as I had a stent fitted in August 2015. I love it!

Norma Turned Best

Norma Myers

For 20 years I attended Half Century short tennis session at the Magnet Leisure Centre so when the SMILE sessions started, which included short tennis I jumped at the chance. Then after a few years, as I loved attending the sessions I decided I wanted to be more involved with the running of the organisational side. I joined the committee in 2008 and enjoy contributing ideas and suggestions into how it it run and what events we could provide to our members. I also enjoy supporting the club serving teas and coffees at events, especially at the members' Christmas Party. Being a member of SMILE has given me a new lease of life after having lost my partner and the trips are an added bonus as I enjoy getting out and about.


Rita Plumridge

I work as SMILE coach on Thursday morning at the Magnet Leisure Centre. I just enjoy the whole thing. I like the people I work with and I get to play a bit of sport when I can fit it in. I have been doing it now for about eight years, long may it continue.


Trish Wheeler

I am better known as Pat or Trish. I have been a supporter and member of SMILE for 9 years because it’s a great way to keep fit and meet people. I enjoy helping with the Christmas Party even though it is hard work but it is worth seeing everybody having fun. When we held the VE Day celebrations it was fantastic having all those smiling faces. That’s what all us Committee members want and hope to achieve.

Tim Presant

Tim Presant

My partner introduced me to SMILE in 2008 at the same time as a nurse at my Doctor's Surgery suggested it would be good thing for me to join. Having been a member for some time I requested to join the committee adding support to our coaches. Currently I am supporting Gina on the social side by researching possible events.

Pat Hunt

Pat Hunt

I have been a member of SMILE for ten years. Recently I decided to join the committee to help support the coaches who do an excellent job in keeping us "oldies" fit and healthy and are very good listeners when we have any concerns and do their best to help.